Considering Doula Support?

A doula is someone who has been professionally trained to provide continuous support to a birthing person (and their partner) during the birth process and immediately postpartum.  This support is informational, physical and emotional.  Doulas are educated about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, as well as the unique emotional needs of new mothers.  A former client described doula support as "a ready-made big sister, best friend, and mother, who also knows about birth."  A doula is someone who is there solely for the birthing family and has only your interests in mind--not the doctors', not the hospital, and not her own.  Statistics and studies by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and Cochrane have shown that laboring people who have "continuous labor support" in the form of a doula experience better birth outcomes--through less interventions, less use of pain medication, and fewer cesarean births.

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Attending families throughout birth and the postpartum period is my heart's work.  I am passionate about women receiving the care and support they need and deserve throughout the childbearing year.  It's become such a passion, in fact, that I have recently begun expanding into homebirth midwifery, because I believe that everyone should have the opportunity for respect, choice and their providers' time during pregnancy and birth.  I have experienced three very different births of my own, which have all contributed to my perspective on birth and postpartum.  I have also attended many families as they have navigated the journey into parenthood, and each one has taught me something new.  As your doula I bring all of this experience with me, as well as a real love for supporting mothers and families.  But you shouldn't have to take just my word for it;  I am happy to provide references and testimonials, just ask!


I serve clients throughout Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Northern Connecticut.